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Amazon Mystery Tours


Description Day I

(Bike/ Waterfall/ Cave/ Visit the city/ Amazon Camping)

7:00|Morning| Pick up at the hotel.

We'll drive along BR 174 to the city of Presidente Figueiredo 2:30 we'll spend. Arriving is time to organize and receive some information about safe riding at the rainforest some knowledge about the region. Time to ride this first part of the trip we'll do something like 1:30 of bike arriving in a beautiful place called "Cachoeira Natal"or Natal Waterfall. On the way is possible to observe and listen birds.

Noon|Getting to the car is time to lunch. We will be served a delicious Amazon banquet following any customer's recommendation. Time to relax as we head to the beginning of a trail that will take us to one of the largest caves in the region of Presidente Figueiredo, "Caverna Refúgio do Maroaga". Where we will learn about the region with local guides filled with new and interesting informations.

After 1 hour of car we'll arrive in a very comfortable location that gives access to the "Salto do Ypi" a wonderful place where we will camp. It's time to get ready the bikes and making a small 3km route. On the way with some luck and the right season is possible to enjoy fruits with unique flavors in addition to listening to the sound of the forest.

Night|Camping in the rainforest. We will set up our camp getting tips and notions of camping in the middle of the forest. Bonfire can be made. Barbecue of meat or vegetables and fruits it's a good choice.

Description Day II

(Bike/ Mutum Waterfall/ Sanctuary Waterfall)

Morning| Breakfast will be served. By the morning is possible to have a view that we called "ponta da agulha" something like: the needle tip in this point is possible to have a stunning view of the Amazon forest, seeing the canopy of the trees. One of the interesting things about this point is a strange coincidence where the stone seems to point to the magnetic north compass. Time to dismount our camp and ride about 1 hour back to the camping base.

Noon| We'll have a lunch a little rest and then back to the bike to do our longest bike trail to arrive in this unique place called Mutum Full of natural baths, which are most evident in the dry season, is a real water complex where we have points to cool off and enjoy nature in full.

We will continue by car to the "Ecological Reserve Cachoeira Santuário", where we will take a light walk to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region, great place to cool off and finish the tour with this beautiful view.

Back to Manaus| We will return by the road with a strategic stop for a coffee. Spend about 2 hours by car to arrive in Manaus between 16 and 18 hours.





Transfer, cycling equipment, guide, camping equipment, all meals and beverages, Tourism Insurance and tickets.


Presidente Figueiredo


2 Days

Nº of People

Minimum 2 and máximum 6 people 

Price per Person

BRL 995


Contact us

Fones:+55 92 99319-6028

         +55 92 98430-7763

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