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We work with small groups, leaving the old beaten track, try to follow the guidance of leave no trace we passed, our expeditions are a unique experience trip through the Amazon, totally independent of its duration. We do not articulate or need the lodges infrastructure operating with mass tourism. We are like explorers. If you're looking for a unique experience, you knocked on the right door!

In Memorial Mathieu Pelletier Poirier

Let us remember the work and heritage of Mathieu Pelletier Poirier, founder of Amazon Mystery Tours. Originally from Quebec (Saint-Laurent’s Island), Canada, Mathieu first came to the Amazon as a visitor, he fell in love, with the rainforest and its people and ended up guiding over 20.000 visitors through the Amazon rainforest over his 15 years career.

Mathieu was no doubt an excellent guide, being soon in his career recognized by Conde Nast’s magazine (Gold list edition) ! He proved to be an outstanding expedition leader and a visionary, for after spending years exploring new territories and rivers, Mathieu decided to follow his dream and founded Amazon Mystery Tours.

He would provide adventurous kayak/camping expeditions through remote parts of the rainforests to the average adventurer. Mathieu would say “Nothing makes me happier than sharing with visitors the real, pristine Amazon forests sights, sounds and smells.” His heritage goes well beyond adventures, his dream was to build a private reserve, as part of an ecological corridor project, and help preserve the rainforest and the communities he loved.

Mathieu passed away in 2009 and was buried along the Rio Negro, in the land that had welcomed his so well.

Mathieu Pelletier Poirier
Suelen e Erikes Rodrigues

Erikes Rodrigues e Suelen Campos


Since 2013 the company has been managed by Erikes Rodrigues (Guide / Advertiser) and Suelen Campos (Forest Engineer). Both share Mathieu's dream. Seek to realize old dreams and implement an increasingly safe and healthy tourism for customers, residents and communities where Amazon Mystery have activity.


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Street Soror Alcoforado, 52, Nova Esperança, Manaus, Amazonas - Brazil

Fones:+55 92 99319-6028

         +55 92 98430-7763

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