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This experience is designed for animal lovers, photographers and paddlers who enjoy challenges.

The stretch we travel on the Jauaperi River is quite isolated and has environmental protection areas along its length such as the Baixo Rio Branco, Anauá National Forest and our itinerary ends close to the indigenous territory of the Waimiri Atroari. Due to these circumstances, it is possible to have contact with an immense variety of wild animals and in its river an infinity of fish species, which makes the experience very attractive for those who want to explore the Amazon and have maximum contact with nature and the wild life.


Our experience begins in Manaus, where we will depart by car to the beginning of our adventure, the Bridge over the Jauaperi River in the State of Roraima, 440 km from Manaus (about 7 hours of travel) we will pass through indigenous territory and cross the river line. Ecuador where we can take photos to record this moment at the monument (Equator line).



Day 1


Pick up at the Hotel in Manaus - So that we can start our itinerary on the same day it is necessary to wake up early and leave between 5 am and 6 am (by arrangement) the earlier we leave the better.


On the first day we will reconnoiter the Jauaperi river, we will make a short stretch to the Travessão waterfall (7 km). Passing along the path, we will notice the rock formations that we will have along the way, huge stones that make the walk a true spectacle of rounded shapes and clean harbors for an eventual rest throughout our adventure.


This stretch will be the shortest so that we can enjoy the beauty of the place. Upon arrival at the waterfall we will have our camping instructions in the forest and we will be able to do our first fishing trip. Dinner time we will prepare an Amazonian feast following your preferences and dietary restrictions.

Day 2


Breakfast, instructions on the route and we will follow our itinerary in which we will be able to see birds of various species, animals such as the Giant Otter is very common to find, as well as alligators and turtles. After the Travessão waterfall, you will be able to see lots of beaches (depending on the period) where animals such as capybaras can easily be found.


Our initial planning is two 4-hour stretches with the river current as our ally, they can be reduced, that is, in 7-day packages we will average 8 hours of paddling per day, while in 10-day packages we will average 4 hours of paddling per day.


Time for lunch and siesta and we will return to rowing. At dinner time we will camp in a place with easy fishing facilities where we can catch and roast fresh fish.


Day 3


Breakfast, on this day we will leave very early at 4 am so that we can paddle through the morning fog and culminate with the sunrise, a fantastic experience with the sound of the most varied birds and the cry of howler monkeys, in addition it will be possible see nocturnal animals on the beaches and streams along the river.


This experience, besides being fantastic, saves us from the hottest hours so we can paddle in a mild temperature. Lunch on the beach and siesta. Afternoon rowing section. We will make a bonfire to tell Amazonian stories and enjoy a wonderful, simple, Amazonian feast.


DAYS  4 - 6 or 4 - 9


In the following days our experience will be very similar, day after day we will find places where we can take short walks in the forest in order to see animals and gain knowledge about the region in addition to gaining knowledge about AMAZON plants and trees.

Day 7/ 8/ 9 or 10


On the last day we will have coffee and begin our journey back to Manaus, it will be 45 km of dirt road (in good condition) via BR-431 leaving at Comunidade Jundiá, and another 351 km via BR 174 (about 6h 30m of travel in total, with lunch break). We will arrive between 3-6 pm.


Jauaperi River - Roraima

Possibility of seeing animals (5/5)


Possibility of having mosquitoes (5/5)


7 - 10 Days

Nº of People

Minimum of 2 people

Price per Person

BRL  4850 a  6500


Contact us

Fones:+55 92 99319-6028

         +55 92 98448-0208

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