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Amazon Mystery Tours offers 5 models of kayaks available for rent.
Choose the one that best fits your activities:


Kayak Foca was created to be the reference in double kayak for leisure. If you're looking for fun in double dose this is the right kayak. It can also be used for 3 people (two rowing).


Key features:


- Easy to Remar. good stability
- Capacity 200 kg
- Suitable for recreation, tours and expeditions in the sea, lakes and rivers up to grade 2
- Length 3,60 m - Width 0.72 m - Weight 33 kg
- Safe, does not sink as it has watertight hull
- Impact resistant, made of polyethylene (plastic) high resistance RA 34 U3 Braskem
- Autodrenável, holes drain the water entering the deck
- Comfortable, allows rest or fish.


Price: BRL 100


Get ready for a whole new experience in Brazilian fishing kayak. The "CAIMAN 100" is a kayak 10 'compact feet, designed in pursuit of dreams "caiaqueiros" a huge load capacity and storage with performance, comfort and solid stability.


Key features:

- Length: 308 cm
- Width: 84 Cm
- Weight: 25 kg
- Low Seat: 27 cm
- High Seat: 37 cm
- Capacity: 150 kg
- Two large hatches with simple and secure closing: one at the bow and one central, to place equipment and objects inside the kayak, including mounted fishing rods.
- The only Brazilian kayak with possibility of using the inner hull as luggage.
- Four rigid handles transport on the bow, stern and sides.
- Side support paddle on both sides, which allow them to be speedily for you to have your hands free.
- Two door reed


Price: BRL 80


Kayak expeditions, ie, it is necessary that you have already had a previous experience. It also has 2 watertight compartments, beyond the rack to equipment. Everything to offer you convenience.

Key features:


- High performance. Casco hydrodynamically designed for high performance.
- Safe, does not sink as it has watertight hull
- Capacity 120 kg
- Length 3.5 m - Width 0.70 m - Weight 24 kg
- Suitable for long expeditions and paddling in the sea, rivers without rapids and lakes.
- Impact resistant, made of polyethylene (plastic) high resistance RA 34 U3 Braskem
- Autodrenável, holes drain the water entering the deck
- Comfortable. Handles for transport on the side and ends
- It has two compartments watertight plus luggage for equipment.


Price: BRL 80


Soft slides and efficiently, despite its compact size. Smart, rotational molded polyethylene hull maximizes stability while minimizing resistance.

Key features:

- Crew: 1
- Length: 2.74 m / 9 '
- Width: .76 m / 30 '
- Capacity: 113 kg / 250 lbs
- Serie Hull Weight: 21 kg / 46 lbs
- Full Casco Weight: 23 kg / 50.5 lbs
- Construction of Hull: Polyethylene rotomolded


Price: BRL 80



Kayak expeditions, ideal for long journeys.

Key features:

- Ideal Locations: sea, river and dams.
- Weight: 24 kg.
- Length: 5.12 m.
- Width: 0.60 m.
- Height: 0.40 m.
- Compartment (s): 2.
- Accessories: lifeline, moorings for external load and retractable stainless rudder controlled by foot.

Price: BRL 80

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Free Choice


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Price per Person

BRL 80 single

BRL 100 double

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